1. The winners of the 2015 Intel Level Up competition have been announced.  Please see https://software.intel.com/sites/campaigns/levelup2015/hall-of-glory/index.html for an interesting view of these indie games.

    Also of interest, you can view six years of winners dating back to 2009, so you can use this site to see trends and changes in indie game development.

    Perhaps you will consider planning your game development so you can enter and win in 2016!

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  2. Turner Studio Comes to KSU Looking for Interns

    Turner Studios/Adult Swim/Cartoon Network is going to be in the J/Atrium building tomorrow to give a presentation about internships.  The presentation will be between 1-2PM.  From 2-3:30PM, they'll have a table in the lobby and will be recruiting.  The presentation room is TBD. 

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  3. The Center for Applied Gaming and Media Arts (CAGMA) is hiring five student research assistant to help in developing serious games.  This is a three year project, but candidates can work for less than the full duration if needed.

    We seek students with Unity3D skills and students web services development skills.

    Expected salary range is $10-15 per hour for 10-19 hours per week.

    Please see https://kennesaw.hiretouch.com/job-details?jobid=19056 for details of the position and to apply.

    Applications will be accepted through October 19, and we will begin reviewing and hiring immediately.

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  4. The College of Computing and Software Engineering and the College of the Arts presents a trans-media symposia on Kennesaw campus in the Wilson Building (room #103).  Talks include:

    • "Augmented Reality" by Dr. Jeff Chastine on October 16, 2:30-3:30pm
    • "Digital Animations" by Dr. Geo Sipp on December 4, 2:30-3:30pm
    • "Music Composition for Gaming", speaker TBA, on January 15, 2:30-3:30pm
    Additionally, the School of Music will present the Gaming Music Concert "Game On" featuring a collection of beloved game music themes from the past through the present.

    All talks are free to attend, and we strongly encourage you to participate and learn more about the interdisciplinary craft and science of media/game production.

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  5. We were so excited by both the turnout and the games produced during our Fall GameJam!

    Over 170 students, alumni, and community partners gathered on Friday to participate in the 2015 Fall Georgia GameJam; this was a 48 hour event that allowed participants to expand their professional network of colleagues and hone their game design and development skills.  This was the 14th GameJam that KSU has hosted and the first GameJam since KSU and SPSU consolidated in January of 2015; as such, we were able to combine the talents of both campuses and include students from the College of Computing and Software Engineering and the College of the Arts.  Teams built 24 games centered around the theme of the weekend, "The Sum of Our Parts."  Seven teams were awarded free passes to attend the Southern Interactive Entertainment and Games Expo (SIEGE) so that they can showcase their excellent games to an audience of over 1000 industry attendees.  Please see siegecon.net for details on SIEGE.

    Winning Teams: (in no particular order)
    Coconut Monkey (2 members)
    -Ryan Schmidt
    -Eric Watson
    -Garrett Leach

    Soverance Studios (2 members)
    -Scott McCutchen
    -Jacob Corle
    -Jared Hill
    -Darren O'Neale
    -Kevin Friddle

    Drop Bears (7 members)
    -Ryan Zappulla
    -Mia Kosko
    -Laura Morrow
    -Dalton Cox
    -Haley Bowers
    -Chris Harris
    -Cody Wilson

    Foxtrot (5 members)
    -Drew Savas
    -Michael Williams
    -Brandon Worley
    -Chris Zack

    Build for the stars (5 members)
    -Anthony Giertych
    -Brennan Sanford
    -Chris Antepenko
    -Andrew Rittenberg
    -Daniel Gagnon

    Video Summary of Fall GameJam 2015:

    Team Submissions:
    The FX Mafia         https://youtu.be/QCtNpPOgb6A

    Team Amrut           https://youtu.be/ErA01cgbjsk
    Amrut Kulkarni et al.

    Team Gizmo          https://youtu.be/sRtPdm3z3dQ
    Linni Miller
    Raymond Craig Smoot
    Robert Shonfelt
    Avery Snyder
    Zachary Thayer
    Broderick Thayer
    David McEnaney
    Tristan Duplissis

    Team Anthony        <video pending>
    Anthony Onukwuli

    Team Broken         https://youtu.be/HGzXyYSs3K4
    Chandler Bogolin
    Hunter Jones
    Jacob Holloway
    Xavier Standley
    Taylor Adams
    Thomas Sulkoske

    Team Assembly     https://youtu.be/xN_2vJACOiQ
    Matthew Mannheimer
    Tajay Powell
    William Silloway
    Michael Worrell
    Nicolas Ham
    Emilio Rossello
    Tedra Rogers
    Jackson Davis
    Olivia Norman
    Casey Eaton

    Team Wolf Salad    https://youtu.be/jxhUlREvE9g
    Chane Grant              
    Elizabeth Herndon    
    Jarred Hussey                        
    Evan Ross                   
    Samantha Ross         
    Brandon Seals          
    Aaron Ware              
    Quintin “Lee”Wright    

    Nathan Fernandez
    Jonathan Cook
    Jacob Ertell

    Team Dungeons and Dames      https://youtu.be/X6Tsb1IypR0
    Hunter Green
    Colton Dale
    Cameron Dale
    Amanda Smith
    Kody O'Keefe
    Preston Waters
    Robert Long

    Team <Null> Interactive           https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5_u1suLIjhg&feature=youtu.be
    Casey Loria
    Dustin Colvin
    Melissa Gilmer
    Duncan Alatar
    Cameron Barber

    Team Sharks
    *GameJam Achievement Award Winner*    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BNgQjszJmWs
    Sterling and Chase Lavigne

    Team DJ Pizza                           https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nKgwfuWLOiE
    Ilya Polyakov
    Ali Yildirim

    Team Handsome Squid            https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EbsllP7mms4
    Henry Homiller: Programmer
    William Vaughn: Designer
    Jonathan: Designer
    Myles Keller: Artist

    Team Love in Pieces                  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zXWvXqEp1bE
    Michael Nolan
    Phoenix Alexander-Wright
    Nick Main
    Rehma Razzak
    Ari Lentini


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  6. Come be a part of one of the largest interactive media and game development events in the United States!

    The fall 2015 Georgia Game Jam will be hosted by KSU from Friday, September 25th through Sunday, September 27th.  

    This is an open-themed event, similar to global game jam events (not limited to games for health).

    Visit https://epay.kennesaw.edu/C20923_ustores/web/product_detail.jsp?PRODUCTID=1619 to register and let us know your t-shirt size.  You can register at the door, but help us order enough pizza/food/drinks by registering early.  No one wants to run out of pizza or get the wrong site t-shirt at a game jam! :)

    Register by Sept 16 to guarantee you get a t-shirt.

    As we've done in past years, you can arrive starting at 3pm, and we'll begin around 5pm on Friday with opening ceremony; if you must arrive later, that's OK.  We'll conclude around 5pm on Sunday.

    • Participants can come and go as they please; you do not need to stay at the event for the entire time.  
    • We encourage all kinds of participants; you don't have to be a college student and you don't have to be an KSU student to participate, so invite friends and anyone you think might be interested in joining us.
    • Participants can come with teams already established, but we encourage you to join a team once you arrive so that you can meet new people.  You don't have to have a team already formed.
    • You don't have to have massive coding/programming skills to participate.  People of all skill levels can contribute, and we need designers, programmers, and artists (composers, audio, 2D, environmental, and 3D).
    • We have numerous computer labs with equipment, but feel free to bring your own rig/devices if you'd like.
    • The registration fee covers the cost of food for the weekend and t-shirts/swag.  

    Come to J202 in the J/Atrium building (Marietta campus) between 3-5pm on Friday, September 25th to begin the weekend.

    Driving directions and a campus map if needed.

    Opening ceremonies will begin shortly after 5pm in Q202, but if you arrive slightly later, you'll not miss too much.

    We look forward to seeing you at this great event on the 25th!

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  7. Hi everyone,
       We'll be having the Fall Kickoff meeting of the Game Dev Club, tomorrow (Friday) at 4:00PM in the Engineering building (room Q-202).  This one will be interesting, because apparently there will be a lot of students from other disciplines (Fine Arts, Media Arts, etc.)  That means there's lots of opportunities to meet/see new folks, and maybe start building a team for our Fall Game Jam (Sept. 25th - Sept. 27th).

    Hope to see you there,

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  8. Summer GameJam postponed!

    Due to several logistical issues we are postponing our Summer GameJam until the Fall.  We apologize for the inconvenience and hope that you will join us in the Fall for the GameJam!  Stay tuned for the details...

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  9. Please join us for the Summer GameJam at KSU - Marietta Campus June 26th - 28th.  Jennifer Ann's Group will be sponsoring the event and providing subject matter experts and advice.  Please gather your friends and sign up ASAP!  There will be $500 for the first place team as well as SIEGE Pro Passes.

    Follow the links below for registration and information:

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  10. KSU/SPSU Gaming Program Ranks #9 in the South

    Animation Career Review recently released their 2015 rankings, with KSU/SPSU's CGDD program appearing in the Top 10 in the South.  According to the release, the program was ranked #9 relative to institutions in 11 southern states.    Other notable schools include Savannah College of Art and Design (SCAD), Georgia Tech, Florida Interactive Entertainment Academy, and Full Sail University.


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