1. From the ESA press release:

    "Scholarship applications for students seeking video game design degrees are now being accepted by the Entertainment Software Association (ESA) Foundation. The 2016-2017 scholarship program is open to women and minority students who are pursuing computer and video game-related degrees at accredited four-year colleges and universities in the U.S.

    Established in 2007, ESA Foundation’s scholarship program awards 30 annual scholarships of $3,000 each, providing students with an opportunity to study video game-related subjects at universities across the country."

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    1. Phillipeans - Robert Forbes - Art; Robert James - Programmer; David Little - Art; Jacob Jennings - Sound Designer, Editor, Narrator, Phillip, Trailer Voice; Brandon Moss - Co - director; Broderick Thayer - Co-Director; Zachary Thayer - Model Design, Designer, Texture Design; Brent Einolf - Co-Director, Level Designer; Ian Thomasson - Music David Waldorf - Menus, Design; Mary Mciver - Music
    2. Red Ink inc. -  Sterling LaVigne; Chase LaVigne; Dereck Mills
    3. Flatline StudiosMichael Williams - 2D art, UI, menu design; Chris Zack - Coding; Andrew Savas - Coding; Matthew Lamneck - 2D art and animations; Brandon Worley - Audio Engineer
    4. Null; Interactive (Chaotic Good Thread) - Casey Loria; Brannan Vitek; Dustin Colvin; Marissa Gilmer; Clay Visscher; Duncan Alatar
    5. Tornado Gangsters - Eric Snyder; Paul Bartlett; Andrew Hirschler; Music Developers: Eric Ramo, Yannick Lemieux, Mike Koenig, Mark diangelo
    6. Studio OCD - Jaylin Gillam; Garrett Eddy; Brain Patterson; Michael Nolan; Arnell Turk; Andrew Niehoff
    7. Onesie (Chaotic Good ThreadShelby Silcox; Gregory Williams; Henry Moss 
    8. Advanced Dodgebal - Chris Harris; Philip Blankenship; Ryan Zappulla
    9. Tinytoon Games - Adam Butler
    10. Melissa Gilmer
    11. Lexicon - Jacob Armstrong; Thomas Anderson; Alex Dingman; Francis "Xander" Allen; Patrick McNealy; Special Thanks to: Nick Windham
    12. Davis & Juan - Davis Odom; Juan Tenorio
    13. Laughing Skull Games - Dave Smith; DeVante Anderson-Boothe; Tyler Henning; Marcus Ford; Robin Clark
    14. The Northern Neighbors - Chris Dailey; Andrew Burbach; Simon Needle; Nikki Hamel
    15. I wish I knew - Luciano Comassetto; Joseph Greenlee; Aidan Arrowood; Sabrina Greenlee
    16. BookDrop - Chandler Bogolin; Jacob Holloway; Taylor Adams; Xavier Standley; Hunter Jones; Shawn Carter
    17. No idea (Chaotic Good ThreadEric Dillon; Brandon Macauley; Eric Ramos; Weston Kintz; Brandon Richards
    18. Shaped Like a Friend - Drew Forbes; Shah Zafrani; Michael Kyle; Jeff Illg
    19. NDcisive Games - Zach Smith; Tim James; Trenton Shell; Linnea Miller; Meagan Sabo; Lauren Mawhinney; Charles Taylor
    20. One Man Machine - Anthony J. Giertych; Trailer Music provided by Francis Allen
    21. Silly Running Production - Forrest Cain; Jacob Ertell; Nathan Fernandez; Jonathan Cook; Kelsey Woods; Josh Little; Rachel Overley
    22. Dueling Ocarinas - Aaron Kauffman; Dominic Napolitano; Jonathan Davis; Tim Fisher; Xander Francis Allen; Demarius Morgan
    23. Gottem Studios - James Como; Cody McCormick; Andrew Romans
    24. Handsome Squid - Henry Homiller; Zachary Emerson; Henry Homiller; Myles Keller; Will Vaughn
    25. Land Dolphins - Michael Isaza; Skylar Romocki; Laura Morrow; Tyler Greene; Kristin Houston; Marielle Reed; Nikki Hamel
    26. The Weast of Your Worries - Alexandria Sanders; Nicole Christian; Nicolas Hatcher; Garrett Edwards
    27. $wagga Muffin$ (Chaotic Good Thread- Jared Hill; Darren O’Neale; Kevin Friddle; William Sandberg; Phoenix Alexander-Wright; Jakari Rush; Jonathan Gilmer
    28. Corner Corp - Robert Shonfelt; LaDarious deShields; Disney Nguyen; Cat Pawlowski; Kalib Crone; Anthony Sarkis 
    29. The Best Team - Chris Antepenko - Programming and Design; Alexander Dishinger - Programmer; Brennan Sanford - Animation & 2D art & being awesome; Christopher Reid - Animation & 3D/2D art; Rachel Rabeneck - Music & Sound Design; Maalik Glover - Music & Sound Design; Katherine Kilgallon - Game Design and Writing
    30. No idea - Robert Utz
    31. Glo Maker - Ronald Jones
    32. TiO Studios - Harrison Hopkins; Kaiten Kala; Larson Hodge; Lauren Mayo; Xavier Summers; Nick Feraco; Stephan Swanson; Devan Patel
    33. No name provided - Joe Cassavaugh
    34. Kelp SaladQuintin Wright; Marielle Reed; Kristin Houston; Adam Nall
    35. The Village People - Patrick Weaver

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  2. Congratulations again to all who participated in the GGJ 2016 at KSU and other sites across Georgia.  We hope you made new friends/colleagues, advanced your skills, and moved closer to realizing your personal goals.

    Congrats also go to our top games at the KSU site:
    For those teams that participated in the Chaotic Good thread, we'll be in touch shortly regarding next steps.

    For all, if you're interested in commercializing your game/project, please attend the workshop talk on Monday, February 8 at 6pm in J215 on the KSU Marietta campus.  Chris Hanks will provide excellent insight on how to pitch your project to investors and let you know next steps on participating in the KSU100 project -- allowing you to get funding for your project.

    Don't forget the Creative Adaptability thread and opportunity to work with Paul Jenkins this summer.  We'll post follow up info here on the KSUGames blog with more details of this summer course soon.

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  3. Thanks again for a great jam!  Here is the video showcasing the event at KSU Marietta, January 29-31, 2016.


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  4. If you're attending the GGJ this weekend, we're giving away special swag for free this jam.  For all the past jams you've attended, we want to give you a special button/badge that you can proudly wear.  Each past jam will have a unique badge.

    To claim your free badges (and so we know how many to print/make), fill out the SUPER SHORT survey (only 2 questions!) at 


    It'll take less than 30 seconds to complete, and you get FREE SWAG! :)

    We'll give the buttons out on Sat/Sun, so if you haven't filled out this survey yet, get to it!

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  5. KSU appreciates all of our wonderful sponsors who are working to make the upcoming game jam an amazing event for all.   Each of these companies and groups has sponsored threads within the jam for participants to 'compete' for after-jam opportunities, sponsored energy-inducing treats, and/or contributed prizes/giveaway items.

    Chaotic Good Studios

    Adaptive Studios

    High Road Craft Ice Cream & Sorbet
    Kontrol Freek

    Joel A. Katz Music & Entertainment Business Program


    Many thanks for your sponsorship and help for the KSU community!


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  6. Kennesaw State University Spring and Summer 2016 Opportunities

    We're very excited to announce that we will have four 'threads' (options) within the Global Game Jam this weekend.  You are welcome to focus on the GGJ theme, go your own way, or participate in any of the following.  These opportunities align with external sponsors looking to hire your talent and develop their intellectual property (IP) or help fund your ideas, so you can get paid internships and join in entrepreneurship for your game/media creations.

    Chaotic Good and Adaptive Studios are developing a new property across different media and are looking for talent to help commercialize and develop their first in a series of games.
    • Participate in a sponsored thread within the Global Game Jam and showcase your talent (judging held at the end of the global game jam)
    • If selected, work with Chaotic Good and Adaptive part-time in spring semester
    • Participate in a full-time, paid internship in summer 2016 and receive KSU course credit for this experience.
    • his is an amazing opportunity to be one of the first to develop this property, get your name on a released game title, and build your resume for your future career

    Use the game jam to work with this new IP, showcase your talent, and “interview” for the summer 2016 internship course.


    Sponsored by the Joel A. Katz Music & Entertainment Business Program

    Think you’re creative?  Take this to the next level.  Struggle with staring at a blank canvas or screen?  Learn from the best.  Paul Jenkins and the MEBUS center will offer a course this summer allowing students to work with professionals and develop an original screenplay and realize this into a film; along the way, the group will explore how to best further develop the property into other media such as comics and games.  Learn how to develop concept into fully-realized property and how to cross media to allow for more rich interactions.

    Use the game jam to work with Paul and showcase your talent, effectively “interviewing” for the internship course.  Space is limited for this life and career altering experience in summer 2016. 


    Sponsored by the KSU Entrepreneurship Center

    Have a great media/game/app idea that you’ve developed at the jam?  Learn how to turn your game into a commercial success!
    • Attend a workshop on February 8th to learn how to pitch/market your idea to investors and how to take your intellectual property to the next level.
    • Then pitch your idea to a group at Coles College of Business in coordination with Dr. Hanks’ entrepreneurship center and course on February 23rd.

    ·      See http://coles.kennesaw.edu/coles-overview/centers-and-institutes/entrepreneurship-center/events.php for information on the KSU 100 competition and to sign up


    Sponsored by the KSU College of Science and Mathematics

    The College of Science and Mathematics is developing a multi-platform app to help students succeed in courses.  The general structural concept is to use social media ideas to connect students and create study groups while outside of the lecture time.  If you are interested in this, we recommend using some location-aware concept in your game design during the jam and/or showcase your talent shortly after the jam.  Be sure to connect with Dr. Preston to be considered for a paid internship in summer 2016.


    If you haven't already done so, visit http://ksugames.blogspot.com/2015/11/2016-global-game-jam-january-29-31.html  to register and participate this weekend (Jan 29-31).  Hope to see you all there!


    We thank our partners at IgniteHQ, the Joel A. Katz Music and Entertainment Business Program, High Road Ice Cream and Sorbet, Chuice, and Kontrol Freek for their generous sponsorship of the KSU Global Game Jam event.

    We also thank Karen Maximos and Hannah Fortune for the t-shirt design for our jam. 

    Also, thanks go out to GGDA, Metro Atlanta Chamber of Commerce, and Hypepotamus for promoting the event.

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  7. If you are working on a game either at the global game jam coming up in two weeks - SIGN UP NOW! :) or building for a class or outside of class, KSU has a unique opportunity for you.

    The KSU Entrepreneurship Center is running a competition this spring, and their kickoff meeting is next week - January 22.

    The KSU Top 100 is best described as Shark Tank meets The Voice. Limited to 100, we eventually pair our teams with seasoned mentors who rigorously train and compete against each other. Our mentors and students battle through multiple rounds and submit themselves to a grueling process of customer discovery and implementation. The final three teams then pitch in front of a live audience of experienced entrepreneurs and investors until only one champion remains. The winner will have the opportunity to receive up to $100,000 in investment and business services including a cash award of $5,000.  All current KSU students, both undergraduate and graduate, are eligible.

    We'll discuss this and promote it (and help you turn your games into these KSU 100 projects) during the game jam, but if you can make the Jan 22 meeting, that might be a great idea.

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  8. Hi Everyone,

    In case you missed it, there is an annual GGDA pre game jam meeting for Jan. 12 at GSU. They are looking into streaming the meeting, as attendees have always said it is an invaluable preparation tool for the actual jam.

    In any case, you may want to attend the meeting. Here are the details if you want to attend:


    I hope you are having a good break.


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  9. KSU is happy to be a host site for the 2016 Global Game Jam.  Following our past years' jams, we will have a supportive environment for creative participants of all talents and interests.

    This is the global game jam, so we'll be one of hundreds of sites, and you'll be one of thousands of jammers! :)

    There are two steps to register.
    1. Register on the GGJ site to ensure you're on their radar and a global participant
    2. Register on the KSU ePay site to submit your payment (and so we have your email for announcements and t-shirt size for our giveaways)

    You can register at the door, but help us order enough pizza/food/drinks by registering early.  No one wants to run out of pizza or get the wrong site t-shirt at a game jam! :)

    Register by January 15 to guarantee you get a t-shirt.

    Our site will offer the main GGJ theme, and we're also working with game/media companies that will sponsor 'threads' within the jam.  Participants have the option of joining these threads and developing games and media projects of interest to these sponsoring companies for the opportunity for internships/jobs/prizes/etc.  In particular, KSU will pilot a games/media entrepreneurship program in summer of 2016, and we will support the best games/projects from this jam to lead into this summer opportunity.  Of course, this is completely optional; there is no wrong way to jam... so you can do anything you'd like during the weekend.

    As we've done in past years, you can arrive starting at 3pm, and we'll begin around 5pm on Friday with opening ceremony; if you must arrive later, that's OK.  We'll conclude around 5pm on Sunday. 
    • You must be 18+ years of age to participate.
    • Participants can come and go as they please; you do not need to stay at the event for the entire time.  
    • We encourage all kinds of participants; you don't have to be a college student and you don't have to be an KSU student to participate, so invite friends and anyone you think might be interested in joining us.
    • Participants can come with teams already established, but we encourage you to join a team once you arrive so that you can meet new people.  You don't have to have a team already formed.
    • You don't have to have massive coding/programming skills to participate.  People of all skill levels can contribute, and we need designers, programmers, and artists (composers, audio, 2D, environmental, and 3D).
    • We have numerous computer labs with equipment, but feel free to bring your own rig/devices if you'd like.
    • The registration fee covers the cost of food for the weekend and t-shirts/swag.  

    Come to J202 in the J/Atrium building (Marietta campus) between 3-5pm on Friday, January 29th to begin the weekend. 

    Driving directions and a campus map if needed.

    Opening ceremonies will begin shortly after 5pm in Q202, but if you arrive slightly later, you'll not miss too much.

    We look forward to seeing you at this great event on the 29th!

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