2013 Games for Health Game Jam (Sept 20-22 @ SPSU) - Ben Sawyer at the opening ceremony 
As you can see from the picture from the opening ceremony with Ben Sawyer leading a discussion on games for health, the jam has been wildly successful.  Thank you again to all of our sponsors, leadership, and volunteers for making this the most amazing jam we've seen yet.

The following is a list of all the teams and games developed.  We'll update this post with links and more details of the finalists who will go on to the Games for Health day at SIEGE, so check back for more info.

Congratulations to everyone who participated. As we've said before, there is no wrong way to jam, so if you were here and advanced your skills, met new friends/colleagues, and made progress towards a game (whether a finalist or not), you succeeded!

The games:
  • Clostri-Flux - team "I Have No Idea" (Jonathan Davis, Aaron Kauffman, Pablo Garay, and Kyle Aaron)
  • Beat Borg* - team "The Eight Monocles" (Clayton Hall, Gregg Williams, Henry Moss, Jason Thomas, Mary-Mae Smith, Torey Kappoer, Kody O'Keefe, and Justin Grech)
  • Beats Me! - team "Products for Robots" (John Posey III -Daydream and Design, Chris Goodrich -All things Art)
  • Save the Sushi* - team "Team Poptart" (Nicole Jameson)
  • Swimulation* - Stephen Borden
  • Flu Fighters - team "Angry Hanger and the Burly Beards" (Patrick McNealy, Alex Dingman, Nicholas Windham, Jonathan Egbert, and Robert McLaughlin)
  • The Life* - team "Team NoName" (Shawn Day, Joseph Jeanty, Austin ford, Joshua Skelton, William Norsworthy, Sarah Massagee, Daniel Flores)
  • Hunger Pains - team "The Drexlenauts (Tim Drexler, Brandon Williams, Seth Haskins, Tyran Steedley, Tim Prue, Caleb Henderson)
  • Operation Breakout - team "Weapon Drex" (Ross Potter, Brien Semken, Justin Bollen, Jeff Sermons, Robert Smith)
  • Aquila* - team "Aquila" (Ryan Zappulla (Code and Design) , Laura Morrow (Art), Jamal Johnson (Art and Design), Tyler Denmon (Code and Design), Tyler Green (Art), Chris Harris (Code and Design), Laryssa Chan (Music), Mandy Kowara (Sound Effects))
  • Cardiac Assault - team "Praise the Emperor!" (Aaron Caverly, Alex Honeycutt, Justin Ortiz, Timothy Sassone, Marcus Fong, Zoe Zai, and Vic Lui)
  • InVein - team "Team Voltron" (Josh Sole: Programming, Stephen Rouse: Programming, Matt Gold: Programming, Jeremy Ledbetter: Programming,Jake Land: Production Manager, Britt Briscoe: Production Manager, Design, Ian Phillpotts: Art, Leonard Nicolas: Art, Jessica Jackson: Art, Bill Buckley: Sound FX, David List: Music, Andrew Romans: Interns, Jay Runkle: Interns, Concepts)
  • Super Fitness Beast* - team "A - Buck 35" (Andrew Prete, Jeff Beogher, Robert Shonfelt, David Shonfelt, Ryan Schumacher, Amanda Smith)
  • Kitchen Outbreak* - team "Outlier Theory" (Michelle Flamm, Matthew Harris, Jesse Serrano, Valerie Mears, Caleb Fruin)
  • Egg Defender* - team "The Dudes from Upstairs" (Kevin Roney, Brian Roney, JarekQ Aloisio, Brian Miller)
  • HIV Invader - team "Turn UP" (Jacob Corle, Ron Jones, Douglas Leblanc, Ryan Eng, Maurice Solomon, Daniel Kinjerski, Jermaine Belcher, Renzo Heredia, Brittany Williams)
  • Tachycardia - team "Red Beard Pirates" (Chris Iserman, Alex Keo, Tovar Shoaf, Erich Schuler, Elyse Watson, Sam X, Jacob Rhein)
  • Food Borne Breakout* - team "Lone Rogue" (Valerie Mears)
  • Testing, Testing - team "Team DocSim" (John Hunt, Daniel Flores, Srinidhi Naik, Vic Lui, Marcus Fong, and Zoe Zhai)
  • Out and About* - team "Appathy" (Sam Rothermel, Bradley Gibson, Shah Zafrani, Jamaal Hinton, Aaron Ware, Josh Joy, Laranbran Jones, Brandon Seals, Conner Richards, Kyle Brannon, Emily Schmitz, Steven Beyer, Krytal X, Josh Sumpter, Darrell Arnold, John Cochran)
  • Embolism Defense - team "Nexus" (Levoski Brown, Samantha Arrants, Jordan Brumbach, Taylor Angi, Thomas Neidhardt, Eddy Troiano, and Josh Glover)
  • Nerds with Lasers - team "Team Triforce" (Scott Adams and Brandon Thomas)
  • In-Flew-Enza* - team "Team Oculus Flu" (Adrian Kappel, Ashleigh Amrine, Matthew Streker, Mitch Gordon, Davon Williams, Dante Williams)
  • Textie - team "The Leet Jamming Knights" (Luis Ocampo, Jabari Ogletree, Kim Sharpe, and Trey Barnville)
  • bEAT Cop* - team "Team Beat Cop" (M.C. Spross, Marc Huet, Amber Wheeler, and Sam Gossner)
  • Knights of the Fat Table - team "?" (Leighton Anglin, Lisa C. Berger, Thomas Dahlberg, Chris Dick, Jonathan Howard, Lucas Laland, Tyler Lumpkin, and Jared Sanchez)
  • Prevention* - team "Clockwork" (Hunter Green, Scott Williams, Romero Carter, Payam Ghobadpour, Andrew Ho, Christopher Antepenko, Andrew Montalbano, Colton Trau, Preston Waters, Jason Hartman, Damon Pagett, Devek Delay, Matt Valcourt, James Kroner, Andrew Percy, and Andy Horton)
  • Baransu - team "Ngon" (Tim Frank, Jason Smith, Luciano Comassetto, Jordan Owen)
  • On My Way - team "Triennium Games" (Jared Starr, Darren Johnston, James Davis, Trevor L Jones)
  • Heart Hero - team "ThunderCougarFalconBirdSupreme" (Joshua Jennings, Justin Jennings, Philip Blakenship, David Blankenship, Noam Bergman, Lamar Rhodes, Syedali Nabi, Bryan Lorenz)
  • Dining with Bunny (Monique Williams)
  • Quest Training - team "Healthy Start" (Csaba Nagy, David Spivak, Natalia Perez, and Louis Rabago)
* - indicates the game was developed for Microsoft products and is eligible for the Windows Phone raffle at the closing ceremony

Italicized names refer to Berklee College of Music contributors.

Thank you to all of the Berklee College of Music students who participated:

Laryssa Chan (Aquila), Mandy Kowara (Aquila), Andrew Percy (Prevention), James Kroner (Prevention), Matt Valcourt (Prevention), Edward Troiano, Josh Glover, Marcus Fong, Vic Lui, Zoe Zai, Alex Daigle, Dean Gray, Jeffrey Gaiser, Melissa Sutikto, Kyle Aaron, Pablo Garay, Bradley Kroehling, Giacomo Timbrello, Louis Rabago, Natalia Perez, Brittany Williams, Renzo Heredia, Bernard Duc, Christopher Dick, Jacob Rhein, Jason Kim, Austin DeVries (Berklee audio director), Alex Cote (Berklee audio director), Miles Flanagan (Berklee audio director)

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